Thursday, 4 November 2010

York Hospital - Getting Clinical

We are feeling a bit neurotic and clinical today; therefore we post a review of the patients' toilets at York Hospital.

The whole of the facilities is exceptionally clean and, indeed, exudes the aromatic scent of disinfectants, as one would expect.  The toilet roll is plain white, and hygienically enclosed in a holder.  The bin is rather full, but at an agreeable distance from the user.  The coat hook is absolutely splendid.  The flush is the horizontal lever variety, and is averagely awkward to pull.

 Moving on to the taps, they are mixer taps, but there is no hot water.  The soap is unscented, as is appropriate for a hospital, and contains moisturiser; a pleasant touch.  There is a motion-sensor paper-towel dispenser. An agreeable surprise! We would have liked to be able to present you with a picture of this technological marvel, but unfortunately there were rather a lot of visitors, and one doesn't like to display one's eccentricity in public.
It is not possible to exit without touching the door handle.

Total points: 9/15

York Hospital
Wiggington Road
York YO31 8HE

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  1. Very nice =) Maybe this could turn into a series? I can contribute with pictures from some Scanian hospitals =)


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