Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fountains Abbey: A Fun Day Out But Dear Oh Dear, Those Taps

Since we've been toiling away and leading a most mundane and ordinary existence recently, we're too knackered to cook up an enraged rant or a fascinating new toilet fact, and so, dear readers, you'll have to make do with leftovers from the archive today.
We made an excursion to Fountains Abbey some time ago, with a dear friend from Canada. It was a most splendid and awesome day: we saw cows, a Saxon arch, wild garlic, and a Georgian folly. Oh, and toilets, of course!

A most admirable and sturdy coat-hook

Clean, but the bin's a bit too close and the flush is a disability-hostile lever

The bog roll is hygienically covered and plain white

Forgive them, for they know not what they do: your average British public toilet taps

A curious arrangement of unhygienic and energy-consuming hand-dryers...

...however, as well as hand-dryers there was some tissue

Fountains Abbey: How it might have looked in days of yore, before the Reformation

Even with an extra point for the spurious claim of providing nice soap, these toilets are positively medieval and gain a meagre 4 points out of 17.

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