Friday, 26 August 2011

We Get Literal: The Privy Counsel Book Club

Oprah has one. The Times has one. Richard and Judy have one. Every respectable institution has a book club. By that logic we figure that the Privy Counsel should have one, too.
We'll start off with some light reading: Outhouses, a postcard book by Londie G. Padelsky (Browntrout Publishers, San Francisco 1997).
This charming publication gives one 21 postcards, featuring outhouses, to send to friends and loved ones. We simply can't think of a better idea for a book!

The tantalising cover

The title page. The gift aid label indicates that the sale of this book earned Oxfam 28 % extra income,
courtesy of HM Government, helping to build toilets in places where they're needed

We particularly liked this privy, tucked away in the woods...

...and this beautiful winter scene. Although we congratulate ourselves on not having to use
this particular one in this particular climate.

O-ho-ho, wait till you see what other books we've got in store!

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