Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Re-Cycling at the Blue Bicycle

We would of course never detract from the intellectual and artistic value of Semi-Intellectual Friend's reportage from the Blue Bicycle, but we were lucky enough to end up there ourselves, after a drink or four, with a very dear friend from Canada (whom we may have mentioned in a previous update), and thought we'd share our increasingly erratic thoughts with those desperate enough to care.
The Blue Bicycle is a gem of a restaurant, bursting with yummy food (especially the bread, which made us erupt into distressingly Homer Simpson-esque behaviour), fantastic staff (who gallantly remained polite and friendly despite our increasingly, erm, jolly behaviour), and delicious soap, but we do wish they'd reconsider the colour of their toilet walls.

Lovely Molton Brown stimulated our soap glands

Sigh. Although we approve of the general layout of the toilet,
we find ourselves unable to approve of either the uncovered toilet rolls
or the unfortunate colour of the walls

An unspeakably vulgar statuette, which we hope and pray is ironic

A perfectly decent bin, sink and second bin, but the taps make us want
to tear our hair out and kill small, fluffy animals slowly

A gratuitous soap-and-lotion glamour shot

Nothing offensive about this tissue shelf

Film icons and ancient fan

Despite the extra point earned for providing lotion as well as soap, and the said soap being extremely luscious and yummy, we can only award 7 points out of 17. Separated taps and uncovered bog roll drag you down, folks.
We cannot speak highly enough of the staff, though, and the food is seriously delicious. Ghhllllllhhhhhlll.

The Blue Bicycle Restaurant
34 Fossgate
York, YO1 9TA.
Tel: 01904 673990

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