Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Handwashing

Yesterday we posted yet another educational rant about taps. While plumbing the depths of the internet looking for toilet-related news (we maintain ceaseless vigilance on the toilet front to bring you entertaining and edifying facts) we found some videos that you may find, well, entertaining and edifying.  Let's start with the handwashing rap, dreamed up by some NHS nurses on a handwashing crusade:

We continue with a distinctly cooler but less educational video:

Finally, and this is probably our favourite, a Michael Jackson cover with a hygiene-related theme!

(Notice how NHS staff always seem to have access to mixer taps? Does that tell you something about the hygienic aspects of such a device? For more information on the NHS guidelines for handwashing, look here.)

Stick one of these on your boyfriend's forehead.
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