Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bulgaria: An Intellectual Treat

Intellectual Friend, we are sorry to say, keeps stringing us along, promising us pictures of the best toilet in Iceland then buggering off to go camping in some godforsaken corner of Eastern Europe, leaving us cold turkey without so much as a sheet of toilet paper to satisfy our cravings. Some people have very low morals.
But fear not, dear readers, Archaeological Friend has recently returned from a dig in Bulgaria, with this tantalising picture of a Roman drain! It's at Nicopolis ad Istrum and is, so Archeological Friend assures us, "a fine example of sturdy and functional Roman drainage". As regular readers know, nothing gets our juices flowing like a fine piece of Roman plumbing!

Roman plumbing - bring it on!

We are grateful to Archaeological Friend for this metaphorical methadone, and hope to be able to bring you the long-promised Icelandic pictures soon.

You know you're Bulgarian when...

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