Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Important Public Information

Browsing the internet for plumbing research purposes, our attention was caught by an important public information film about hot water. Millions of tap-users are putting their lives at risk every day due to ignorance. Please watch this film and tell friends, neighbours and little old grannies about it. Remember, the hot water menace may strike at any moment!

Watch the film here:

 If you find projectile vomiting amusing and are irritated by the British obsession with separated (or non-integrated) taps, you may find this blog refreshing:

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(Hygeia, needless to say, approves of careful handwashing, which is most effective with a mixer tap, with which you can adjust the temperature so that the water is pleasantly warm, yet not dangerously scalding. Hygeia recommends adhering to the NHS guidelines for handwashing; get instructions here.)

If you're not sure where to stand on the integrated/non-integrated tap divide, get some factual, un-biased information here.

If you found this entertaining and edifying, wait till you see all the other exciting things our internet trawl found - on the Privy Counsel tomorrow!

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