Friday, 12 August 2011


 We mentioned earlier that we ended up in Sweden on our holiday this year. While there we used lots of trains. Lots and lots of trains! Swedish trains of the older variety are lovely; silent, comfortable and functional. Some even have a snow plough at the front, for winter travelling!

(Unfortunately some modern trains are French-made, leak, and get stuck in the snow. Reprehensible. The French may know a thing or two about rioting and revolutions, but trains seem to have them stumped. But that's obviously beside the point. Since we're off on a tangent anyway, we may as well add that we have been complaining about English trains for years. Though clean and usually on time, they tend to have seats designed for people with a posture like Richard III; the curves are in all the wrong places and you end up slumped forward, with a pain in your neck and dribble on your shoes. Also, there's no comfortable way to lean your elbow on the window ledge, and consequently one can't avoid banging one's head against the window. But that's enough of that particular rant. For now. )

Richard III - a frequent traveller on East Coast trains?

We took some pictures from an X2000 train, on which we had a lovely journey. The seats have movable neck-rests, meaning you can have a comfortable journey whatever your height! You may imagine our delight when we discovered a roomy disability toilet - turns out X2000 trains are extra disibility-friendly!

X2000 train: Comfortable seats, a sensible table and a window ledge you can lean your elbow against - bingo!

Luxury: Sweden is less plagued by terrorism paranoia, and consequently Swedish trains have bins!! Hurrah!

The toilet: an excellent coat-hook

Disability toilet

As this train is a bit older there are no motion sensors, and one has to press buttons everywhere,
but apart from that, it is most clean and efficient

The bin is covered and at a most pleasant distance from the user, but alas, no covered loo roll holder!

In short, we had a lovely, comfortable journey and a most enjoyable toilet experience - thumbs up!

 This toilet gets 9 points - not bad for a train toilet!

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