Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Czeching in at Hotel Jalta

One of the Privy Counsel's most die-hard fans sent us these photos from the fabled city of Prague. This very stylish (if ever so slightly blurry) toilet can be admired in the restaurant at Hotel Jalta.

This looks nothing short of fabulous

We find these types of hygiene certificate extremely soothing
 If you're heading to Prague, we recommend a visit to the Ecotechnical museum, being the place to go if you're into sewers! Prague Guide UK tells us that,
The museum is there to show off the Czech ability to understand civil engineering better than most other countries in the world. To do this, it shows off the designs – created one hundred years ago – for Prague’s sewer system. Walking through the sewage system itself is a wonder of engineering and will have you stunned. There are long channels and huge chambers, as well as brickwork that you would usually associate with a Gothic cathedral above the ground. There’s even a large engine room, which is a real boon for those with an interest in old engines and associated matter.
It might surprise you to know that the sewage system of Prague has played a massive role in the way that the city has developed. Like many cities one hundred years ago, Prague was plagued by illness and disease, mainly because the residents still used the river as their source of water. With the population growing at an alarming rate, these sanitation problems only grew worse – until the sewage system was introduced.
When the sewage system was introduced, the city almost immediately became more sanitary and a lot healthier. In fact, it allowed Prague to become one of the best regarded cities in Europe. The design for the sewer was conceived by an Englishman by the name of William Heerlein Lindley and construction began in 1896 – it was finished nine years later. At the time of writing, the sewers of Prague now stretch a gigantic 2,175 miles (3,500km) under the city.
The Eco-Technical Museum is open on weekends from April until October. There are even concerts sometimes held here, as well as private parties. You might laugh, but the idea seems to be popular in many other cities on the continent, so why not in Prague…
We don't know about you, but we're simply itching to check out this city!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful manhole? Image from Flickr.

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Hotel Jalta
Wenceslas Square 818/45
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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