Sunday, 6 January 2013

Magic, Brilliance, Power, and Bog Roll

As stated recently, we like to believe that we have many friends and well-wishers here at the Privy Counsel (and not just our Privy Counsel Friends either, although do check out the most recent addition to our menagerie, if you haven't already). We have particular reason to be grateful to our friends at First Flight Communication in Malmö. If you ever need an ad agency full to bursting point with magic, brilliance, and power, we really can't recommend these guys enough! And not just because they have really great toilets in their office - they're also very good at what they do (though we still have no idea what that is), and ooze coolness in every direction. (But seriously, if you're gonna pick someone to market your product you might as well pick someone proffering kick-arse toilets, right?) First Flight also have a penchant for dressing up, singing out of tune, and drinking inappropriate amounts of alcohol - all things of which the Privy Counsel approves! So, three cheers and a roaring hurrah for First Flight!

Now to the point: one of our First Flight friends sent us this link. We're not entirely sure that we get the point, but on the other hand we always, always approve of toilet paper. We also find the meditative rolling back and forth of this virtual toilet roll very soothing - a most appropriate Sunday activity! Anyway, here it is:

We are not at all convinced that First Flight will be grateful to have their very cool brand linked
to a toilet blog in this fashion. What can we say, except "tough shit"!

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