Monday, 21 January 2013

The Ugliest Bathroom in Sweden

It's been decided. We don't know about you, but here at the Privy Counsel, we've been on tenterhooks; alternately hiccuping, swallowing neat gin and phoning our doctor to top up our Valium prescription. But, a beer-spilling friend informs us, the competition for the title "Ugliest bathroom in Sweden" has finally been decided! Here it is.

Sweden's ugliest bathroom. Image from GP.
The winners, Fredrik Gunnarsson and Stina Lundgren, of Kareby, are quoted as saying that they're "not sure whether to be insulted or proud". The couple, whose bathroom décor consists principally of genuine 1970s furnishings, jestingly called their picture "Fifteen shades of brown" when entering the competition, staged by Vi i Villa magazine. Gunnarsson and Lundgren bought their house about a year ago and, though they have renovated large parts of the house, their bathrooms remain in pristine '70s condition. Friends alerted them to the fact that they might have a shot at winning the competition.
Aspiring victors of next year's competition, however, should watch out: the Gunnarsson-Lundgren power couple have another trick up their sleeve. "We have another bathroom in shades of green," they inform GP. "That might be a candidate for next year."

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