Friday, 11 January 2013

Toilet-Twinning - Worcester Cathedral

Oh dear, oh dear. We've got so many inspirational bog blog ideas that we literally don't know in which end to start. There are some thrilling linguistic musings from Intellectual Friend, random wordless weirdness from Semi-Intellectual Friend, continued greatness from German Friend, and more Privy Counsel Pin-Ups than you can shake a glory stick at!
Still, we believe we'll start with toilet-twinning. Don't worry, we didn't know what it was, either. But Tudor Friend sent us this picture, from Worcester Cathedral!

Worcester Cathedral lavatory.
(Because cathedral conveniences are always lavatories, never toilets.)
Toilet-twinning apparently funds projects that improve sanitation in developing countries. We heartily cheer this on because - as we have memorably observed on a previous occasion - if there is one thing worse than coming across a bad bog, it's not having one at all! (For more information on similar projects, see our Good Deeds, Oxfam Build a Bog and World Toilet Day labels.)

Tudor Friend says:
Toilet twinning... who'd've thought of such things? In case it comes through funny, I believe the website is And apparently Worcester Cathedral's counterpart loo is in Burundi. I wonder if anyone goes there on some sort of friendly visit, to see the... sister bog? Did someone from Burundi come to Worcester for a grand opening? Is it all ceremonial and shit? (Pun intended, of course.)
Tudor Friend also hopes to be able to bring us photos from the actual lavatories in Worcester Cathedral! We can barely contain our excitement! (2012 was full of shit, but 2013 has been kicking some serious arse so far - we hope this trend continues!)

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