Saturday, 12 January 2013

Finally! An Italian Train!

There's been a lot of frivolity lately. Time for a proper review, the actual raison d'être of this particular bog blog. Let's have a train, shall we? We quite fancy some transport!
Some Italian friends told us about Italian trains, and their peculiar waste management mechanism, on one memorable occasion, and we were most excited about going on one, as it were. However, our first Italian train was a disappointment; it didn't appear to have the genuine emptying-the-contents-of-the-toilet-bowl-onto-the-train-tracks mechanism. Our second train, though, between Turin and the little village of Oulx, was most satisfactory! However, due to the fact that a) it was unbelievably dirty, and b) the light wasn't working, we didn't take any pictures. The photos below are therefore from one of the fancy trains. Despair not, however: the flush was of the genuine Italian-train-toilet kind! No lack of ventilation there!

This is what the less fancy trains, with the more interesting toilets, look like.
(The pictures below are, alas, not from one of these, but from a rather flashy Trenitalia train.)
An Italian train toilet. We like to think of them as "breezy".

Bog roll: all present and correct.

Unlike the first train we went on, there was both soap and water on this one, and we didn't feel compelled
to spend the next half hour nervously reapplying hand sanitizer.

We heartily approve of this sturdy lock function, with its helpful multilingual signage.

Again, multilingual helpfulness. Though we don't pretend
to understand either the English or the Italian instructions.
(Babies may be annoying, but referring to them as "diables" seems a bit harsh.)

The amount of helpful, pedagogical signage on this train was simply astounding.

We regret to inform our readers that we may have used this toilet while the train had stopped at a station.
In our defense, we weren't to know that the train was about to stop, as there was no announcement!
What were we supposed to do? Cower in the toilet till the train started again?
This train toilet may have had its shortcomings, but we were still very pleased with our visit. If you enjoyed this, you'll be happy to know that we have more Italian toilets up our sleeve, as well as toilets of many other nationalities!

Hook up tomorrow for a new Toilet Song!

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