Friday, 4 January 2013

The Computer Says No But Everyone Else Agrees on This Being an Excellent Toilet

We are delighted to report that Norwegian Friend has been on a bit of a bender and entered a den of iniquity (i.e. went to the pub), coming across these dirty pictures in the process! This is, we are happy to say, not our first report on naughty toilet decorations, Intellectual Friend having encountered some in Poland on a previous occasion. Just as on that occasion, by the way, the computer says no to the snazzy camera phone which recorded these images for posterity, with the result that they have ended up, so to speak, arse upwards. However, let us not dwell on the technical vexments peculiar to the modern age, but instead hear what Norwegian Friend has to say:
Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase and give you these wonderful pictures from the men’s loo at the Cock and Bull in Aberdeenshire ( This is a very nice place where one goes to celebrate something special, the food is amazing, the staff is attentive and it is a great atmosphere there (but one has to pay through the nose for the experience). I was there with my family celebrating my graduation before Christmas and my brother mentioned that the men’s loo was full of half-naked women. These were not real women of course but crude paintings that decorated the walls and doors of the lavatory. I thought it hilarious and I thought it might interest you. However, I thought it incredibly unfair that there were no half-naked men painted on the walls in the women’s bathroom.

There was a picture of an actual toilet as well, making the whole reportage slightly less spurious,
but the computer said no and refused to upload it, no doubt for good reason.

Is the naked lady supposed to distract one from the non-integrated taps?
Imagine how exciting it would have been if the naked women had been real instead of mere pictures!
They could have handed out eco-friendly paper towels, for instance.
We congratulate Norwegian Friend on her recent academic honours and subsequent graduation, thank her brother for his efforts as photographer, and agree, especially in light of yesterday's bid for gender equality, that it is a disgrace and an outrage that there are no corresponding pictures of naked gentlemen in the ladies' loo!

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To view the naked ladies in the flesh, as it were, promptly haul ass to:

The Cock & Bull Restaurant
Ellon Road, Balmedie,
Aberdeenshire, AB23 8XY

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