Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Privy Counsel Pin-Up - Now with 50 % Less Creepiness

We've been making quite a big deal of our recent gender equality campaign, congratulating ourselves on posting a picture of a girl Privy Counsel Pin-Up. This was, in our opinion, an achievement, as 75 % of our previous Pin-Ups had been male (and, we may mention, a roaring success, indicating continued male Pin-Up dominance). But one must do one's bit to promote equality between the sexes. The problem is that pictures of men in bath-tubs are infinitely more humorous than pictures of women in bath-tubs, and also, the latter often have a tendency towards creepiness. And creepiness, as our regular readers will know, is not what the Privy Counsel is about. Be that as it may, however, we luckily came across a Privy Counsel Pin-Up-worthy picture, the gender-equality levels of which were through the roof! Through the roof, people!

Hurrah! Howard from The Big Bang Theory, and Starbuck
from Battlestar Galactica! In a totally uncreepy situation!
Image from kateesackhoff.com.
Well, we're off to grab our gun and bring the cat in. It really needs a bath.

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