Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Uzbekistan III: Keeping a Low Profile

Hurrah! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, for, though today is but an ordinary crappy Tuesday, it is also a day of Uzbek toilets! Hurrahhurrahhurrahurrah! We've been feeling historically minded recently, and have been hanging out with the hairy chieftains of the Migration Age a fair amount. As Intellectual Friend would probably tell you, if you were inclined to listen, the hordes of dirty barbarians striding across Europe in their leather socks, waving their battle axes around and propagating mystifying place names, are in no way unrelated to the quirks and shenanigans of Genghis Khan. Unless of course you've got him mixed up with Atilla the Hun. Who can keep track of all the dirty barbarians?! Let's crack on without further ado.

German Friend says:
"Silhouette art, invented by Ghenghis Khan, perfected by Amir Timur, still very much en vogue in and around Uzbek loos."

Stylish hat very much in keeping with classy décor

We do adore helpful signage

A jaunty ponytail, perhaps a cheeky reference to Genghis Khan and his victorious cavalry?
Do you feel instantly refreshed and intellectually invigorated? We sure do.

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