Friday, 25 February 2011

Hygiene in the Fabled Orient

We're feeling quietly confident today, and are therefore treating our readers to a view of the toilets at Abu Dhabi airport! Our treatment does not allow for a full review, alas, but note the funky shower - more on those later!

Om shanti!

Editor's note: do have a look at more toilet showers here.

Friday, 18 February 2011

The Privy Counsel Joins the Mile-High Club!

Dear bog blog readers,

We're back! At the moment, we are undergoing some very painful medical treatment in India, but we will attempt to bring you the odd toilet update in between screams of pain. (We'd love to slag off the toilets at the clinic we're staying at, but alas, they're faultlessly clean.)

Let's begin with the toilet on the plane, shall we?

Beige - what's not to love?

These pictures are from our second attempt to use the facilities. The first toilet we entered had obviously been used by someone who has never had to clean a toilet in his life (we're assuming that it takes a man to accomplish the task of pissing on the floor). This one, however, was clean.

The toilet roll was plain white and covered. The water was a pleasant temperature, and the soap smelled very nice. There were serviettes as well as hand towels. Our journey is now a while ago, but we remember being impressed by the handlotion provided!

Thankfully, in view of the poor toilet-navigational skills of some of the passengers, there was a coat-hoook on the door, saving one the distress of having to put one's bag on the floor.

We love the nifty airplane handwash arrangements

How many toilets have a view this spectacular?!

We may be slightly delusional with pain, but even though we're awarding a zero for cleanness (average between +1 for clean and -1 for piss all over the floor, i. e. dirty), we've ended up with 12 points, thanks to the photo-cell tap, water-saving flush, handlotion and sturdy coat-hook!

Yes! 12 points! Congratulatons to Etihad Airways!

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