Sunday, 8 June 2014

Musings on Labels. Oooh, Hang on, "Label" - That's a Whisky, Right?

As we may have gone on and on about to the point of insufferability on many, many previous occasions, we are blessed with extremely lovely friends at the Privy Counsel. (All our friends who contribute regularly have pseudonyms, in order to protect them from embarrassment in the real world, and their own labels; locate these in the "labels" list below on the right. Jonny counts as a friend for administrative reasons.)
What with life veering towards the batshit-crazy end of the spectrum, we lack the spiritual strength (is that a thing? If it's a thing, we lack it) to pull our own photos from the archive (also, remember that thing we mentioned the other week, about the dwarves and the pheasant? That situation's still not been resolved), so it's lucky that our friends are so vigilant and generous with their time and intellectual resources. Here's a contribution from Uncle Sean, a very, very, very old friend, who contributed so memorably to our last post. Behold - poetry, art, genius.

The urinal was not particularly noteworthy, however a mirror at face level is always good fun, particularly one that spews out, "SKUMFARTS", where scum is debauched by trading a little rounded "c" for the imposing angularity of a "k", where the "a" is represented as a stubby cock and balls, and the exclamation at the end is a steaming or perhaps radiant pile of dung.

As someone said, "I love the spoken and written word! It makes me feel so free!" Skumfarts is probably our favourite word, right after rampant, festive and megalomania.
The fun doesn't end there, however. Our favourite French person in the whole world, who we can, due to the aforementioned unsound work-life balance and ensuing reduction of our short-term memory and strain on our spiritual strength, call Feisty French Friend (you can, in a sense, read about this feisty firecracker's wedding here), shared this lovely video. It's from a French B&B! Voilà, pour votre plaisir.

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