Sunday, 22 September 2013

Graffiti in Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country

Our recent post from Denmark, Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country, whetted our appetite for more. Quite a few of our experiences in Denmark have been hangover-related, and considering we're in rather a rotten state today, we thought another Danish post would be appropriate. As we mentioned a little while ago, we have been known to drink champagne (among other things) with certain French people of our acquaintance, and we had the very great fortune to be able to indulge this penchant again this summer. The Privy Counsel and aforementioned French people stayed in a flat in Copenhagen's trendy Nørrebro area. Imagine our delight when we found this totally awesome bathroom!

Danish people have a flair for tiny but awesome bathrooms.

The shower, unfortunately, didn't work.
But it's nice to look at, n'est-ce pas?

Totally awesome graffiti

"Fuck yeah" is rather a favourite motto of ours.

Lovely soap and mixer tap!

Drunken Danish ramblings.

We do enjoy a good Sator square.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.
This is where we'd normally finish on a pun or amusing quip of some kind, but we're just too hungover. Undskyld.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Caitlin Moran: Our Favourite Non-Toilet-Related Person!

Imagine our delight when our favourite ever non-toilet-related person, Caitlin Moran, came to Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country (i.e. Denmark)! We were immensely excited when we strode into the toilets in Denmark's Royal Library, thinking, "What if CatMo is IN HERE! RIGHT NOW!" Of course she wasn't, but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. (No doubt they have lovely bogs in the VIP area backstage. Maybe one day we can get Caitlin to tell us all about them.) 
It is our very great pleasure to present to our readers these pictures of the toilets in the building where Caitlin gave a talk on feminism! There were quite a few people milling around in the toilets, hoping to catch a glimpse of CatMo, so we didn't get to snap the taps. We're sure you understand. In case you're really curious, they were motion-sensor mixer-taps. The soap was quite nice, and there were energy-saving air dryers. Like these ones.

Very safe and normal Danish toilet. Bog roll on the floor isn't what you'd expect
in a Royal Library, but not even Denmark is totally predictable.

A slightly more avant-garde angle. Plenty of toilet roll!

GAAAAAH! Why the gap? Why would you do this?
Where is the privacy when there's a giant gap under the door?
Don't the people at the Royal Library know that we are rampantly paranoid???

The height of happiness:
Being told by CatMo that one has "old lady hair"!
We also got free chocolate at the event. #win

We find Caitlin Moran's hair, eyeliner and use of capital letters tremendously inspirational. Luckily for all our regular fans, you can enjoy watching her being fabulous, too! Check out the video:

Sheer joy: Caitlin Moran talking!
(That's the Privy Counsel representative laughing louder than everyone else in the background.
Paranoia and discretion are two different things.)

Now go get some bread and cheese, and ponder the Marxist-feminist dialectic which brings all the boys to the yard!
Special thanks to Australian Friend for sending us the link about this momentous event!

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Monday, 16 September 2013

PooPourri - The Paranoia Reaches Epic Levels

Strike us pink with a towel soaked in brandy, but we receive a lot of fizzling, gung-ho correspondence! Hark to our latest missive from Tudor Friend:
Someone posted this on Facebook and it wasn't you. Therefore, I had to send it! I haven't looked into whether or not it's real - I'll leave that to the intrepid Privy Counsel! - but it's almost funnier if it isn't.... If it's real, I'm mildly disturbed!
What could possibly have made Tudor Friend "mildly disturbed", you wonder, suspiciously. Why, this very, umm... Well. This advertisement.

Does one despair, even more than usual, at the state of humanity, when such a product is deemed necessary? One does. Also, one wonders what the hell it contains, and suspects that, like the various kinds of horrifying scented toilet paper, it ain't exactly planet-friendly. As regular readers are aware, we can get quite rampant on the subject of unnecessary chemicals (read previous rants here, here, and here). Having endured more science classes in our youth than is compatible with health and sanity, we had a shrewd suspicion that this concoction is oil-based, with some kind of scent to make it appeal to gullible proles. And we were probably more or less spot-on, at least according to the other paranoid nerds we consulted.

If Eau de Dairy Farm isn't your thing, help is at hand.
Image: Youtube.

We reckon that, if you were really anxious about smells emanating from the toilet, you could get yourself a spray-bottle with olive oil and maybe a few drops of lavender oil, and get much the same effect, but cheaper. Alternatively, you could adopt the approach of the grandfather of one of the Council's members, who claimed vehemently and memorably that "a shithouse should smell like a shithouse". We reckon that's as much sense as we're going to make out of this topic.

Oh, and by the way, it is a real product. Here's the website. You can follow it on Twitter and everything.

We're off to throw ourselves out the nearest window.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Highlights from Our Correspondence

We are blessed with having many friends here at the Privy Counsel, and said friends every now and then dispatch exuberant missives to us, to our (and your) great delight and edification. Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend, for instance, sent us the article about the woman suffering from a fear toilet rolls, which we tweeted hilariously about from our extraordinarily informative and witty Twitter account. The same friend also sent us the amusing article about Swedish politicians ordering men to wee sitting down, citing, apart from reasons of hygiene and prostate health, the argument that this will lead to a better sex life. Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend says, on this subject:
Hmm, but the thing is a lot of toilet seats in men's toilets you wouldn't want to sit down on (covered in wee, pubic hair and god knows what else!). Although Sweden's toilets are a LOT better than UK ones generally for this so maybe I can start a revolution. Really intrigued to see how it improves one's sex life! Prostate I can sort of believe but, unless you're having sex whilst peeing, I have no idea how this would be achieved!
And, on the topic of toilet roll phobia:
Digital Spy is what I use for all my Emmerdale gossip!!! The "odd news" section this article is in seems particularly addictive though - see the related article for the lady scared of uncovered toilet rolls! I thought of you!
[After we insisted on being a) not a lady, and b) not scared of uncovered toilet rolls, more wary:]
Yes, I meant not that you were like said lady but that you could probably identify with her on some level. I can see the Metro headline now: "[The Privy Counsel] troubled but NOT SCARED by uncovered toilet rolls!"

Bog rolls can be scary for many reasons.
Image from
We have received similar communications from Semi-Intellectual Friend. It turns out that when it comes to toilets, Prince Charles... But it is almost too perverse to repeat. You'd better have a read yourselves, in this article from Wales Online.

The same, famously semi-intellectual, friend also sent us, in a fit of generosity we still haven't quite figured out how to handle the diplomatic repercussions of, a link to a video with most laudable sentiments about toilet roll. Watch from 20:33:

Festive video: Room 101 S13E08 HD

We couldn't agree more! Everyone knows there's a right way and a wrong way to hang toilet roll!

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Czech Mate (Yeah, Yeah, We Know, Sorry)

A friend of ours, who's a) Czech, and b) plumbing-aware, sent us these gorgeous photos from his new flat. Which is located, would you believe it, in Leeds! (The city of Leeds seems to have become rather notorious recently - see our last post on the last Great British bachelor.) Our first reaction when we saw the pictures, and we're genuinely not shitting you here, was "ZOMG, is that a genuine functioning ventilation unit???" And it was! (If you're like us and functioning ventilation units make you all weak in the knees, check out what Mr Smith is packing!) Czech Mate also says, "On the left, behind the door, is a loo with a tank built in to the wall and another massive mirror, so you can see yourself an infinite number of times if you're at the right angle". We're actually glad that we haven't seen this toilet in the flesh, as we're not at all convinced that we'd be able to contain our excitement.

Woof! We can't see the tap, but considering
the one in the bath is a mixer one, we're assuming
the one in the sink is, too.

One can indeed, if one is so inclined, see oneself an infinite number of times!
One can still not, however, see the tap in the sink.
A fact which makes one quite disappointed, to be honest.
Unless of course it's one of those vile non-mixer taps.
In which case one is immensely relieved.
We have been specially instructed to point out the bathroom scales, which recline elegantly on a kind of pedestal. Czech mate says, "You've got to have style, and how a man takes care of his scales is important, of course". We couldn't agree more.

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