Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Thought-Provoking Tap in Canada, and Some Good Advice

We spent out last post babbling on in an unstructured manner about change. This was due to imminent rampant changes taking place across the Privy Counsel, and the nail-biting, head-clutching and general panic said rampant changes caused.

Much change has now taken place, but of course the business of the Privy Counsel remains to analyse, discuss, and stare in disbelief at, toilets. We have many members who have been to many exciting places recently sending us a perfect riot of toilet pictures from all over the world, but the subject of today's blog post will be Jonny's fancy toilet in Canada.

We hesitate to make this comment in the light of our remark to Jonny below, but there is something Asterix-esque over this tap, n'est-ce pas?

Jonny says:

Mixer taps, swanky tissues in a box and soap in a sauce bottle.
Make of this what you will.
Also a man watched me set up and take this shot.
Probably didn't understand.

On us suggesting out that the taps were perhaps somewhat phallic,  Jonny replied, in a perfect orgy of double entendre, "I'd expect nothing less. Something I'm used to grasping". He added, some minutes later, "Also it's funny because they are knobs!" Well, quite.

Since we are currently on a train, hurtling through the countryside at a disconcerting speed totally belying the pathetic pace of the internet connection, we will have to limit the length of this blog post.

We are eager, however, to provide our readers with the intellectual stimulance, edification and delight to which they have grown accustomed over the past six years. Thus we will perhaps share, before we part, an invigorating poem. This one comes from Our Mum, and contains much wisdom. You're welcome!

There was an old man from Darjeeling
Who rode on a bus bound for Ealing
He read on the door:
"Don't spit on the floor"
So he stood up and spat on the ceiling
 Since we care deeply for your safety and wellbeing, we would also like to impart the wisdom contained in this Festive Video. Nights are drawing in, and all daylight will soon have been replaced with misery and wet wool. Stay safe! Use reflectors! (Video courtesy of Shewee Fiend Friend - many thanks for keeping us well-informed on important subjects!)

Festive Video: Let's Get Visible

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