Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Bog Roll Article Was Overdue

It's Christmas. Yes, it is. It is no use trying to deny it; September is well advanced and therefore, in the eyes of the giant, scaly monster we call Retail, it is now Christmas. Christmas makes us think of trees, and trees make us think of toilet roll.

Velvet - "not too bad" (revolting cutesy design with golden-haired child notwithstanding)
We're working our way through the FSC-labelled toilet roll in our local supermarket. A recent candidate was Velvet. We have a very low opinion of bog roll companies, and so take the ecological friendliness of Velvet's claim to "replant three for every tree they use" with a barrelful of salt. However, viewing the list on the Ethical Consumer website, Velvet ranks 8.5, about the middle of the scale, below Andrex but above Nouvelle.
In an article by WWF, SCA, the company behind Velvet, is given the dubious credential of coming out top in a survey of the eco-friendlieness of tissue companies, in a report which concluded that none of the major European tissue companies use enough recycled fibre (n.b. the article is from 2005).

So we suppose the overall eco-friendly mark for Velvet is "not too bad".

The crucial FSC label

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