Sunday, 13 November 2011

An Intellectual Toilet

  Intellectual Friend has been taunting us for some weeks now with stories of how brilliant the bog in his new house is. We thoght we'd better go and check it out.
  If there was any way we could pass on the address to you without breaking all the bonds of friendship and losing all hope of ever tasting Slovakian rum again (it's called "um" and is totally bloody delicious), we would, because this baby has to be seen to be believed. But we know what would happen: our esteemed readers would completely lose their collective head and run down there with a battering ram, demanding to see the mixer taps! So we won't say where it is. Sorry.

Look! Mixer taps! And a water-saving flush!
Look at this baby!!

And in the bath, too! PHWOAAARR!!
  We find the existence of no fewer than three mixer taps in a bog-standard, unglamorous student house in Britain nothing short of miraculous. Wow!

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