Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Maximum Toilet Satisfaction

 Life suddenly became very exciting. Kind friends took us to a Max burger joint to gobble some simple carbohydrates and improve our chances of dying on the toilet. Turns out Max is everything a hamburger establishment shouldn't be: preppy, hearty, and mindful of the environment. Be that as it may, however, the toilets were fantastic!

Outside the toilets: hand sanitizer! In case you left yours at home.

Extra back-up sink outside. Note the funky colours.

We wanted to take this soap dispenser home with us. (It was securely fastened to the wall.)

Close-up of the tap: motion-sensor of course!

Naturally, a splendid coat-hook

We weren't quite so enamoured with the air dryer, but you can't have everything

The photo simply doesn't do justice to the clean-ness of this toilet!

Check out the fastidiousness of this cleaning rota!

Are you holding on to something? The toilet paper was UNBLEACHED!

You may safely indulge in your complimentary coffee: the toilets are great!
 Hit us over the head with an excited halibut: these toilets get an unprecedented 14 points!

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