Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sushi in Seattle

A friend who likes to think of himself as Bogsley Hansson, and who we will henceforth, for ease and convenience, refer to as Bogsley Hansson Friend, sent us these pictures, from a sushi place in West Seattle called Mashiko. Bogsley Hansson Friend was very happy with his food, but was worried by the fact that there seemed to be toothpicks in the bathroom. We find the toothpicks alarming as well, but mostly we're so bloody delighted to spot what looks like recycled Tork toilet paper that we refuse to let them worry us!

Bogsley Hansson Friend says: "Toothpicks in the bathroom?
Is that some strange Japanese custom I'm not familiar with?"

We don't see anything to complain of. Toothpicks still worrying,
but then again there's that unbleached Tork bog roll, making us vacillate between fear and unbridled joy.

For good measure: a picture of Bogsley Hansson Friend's food!!
If anyone should happen to know why there might be toothpicks in a Japanese bathroom, do please let us know. We've been trying to think what they might be for, but frankly we're boggled! (Unless of course they're simply supposed to be toothpicks?)

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant + Sushi Bar
4725 California SW
Seattle WA 98116

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