Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Who Gives a Crap - Because Shit Happens

One of our many trawls through the murkier ends (also known as the arse ends) of the internet yielded interesting results. We learned that there is a charity toilet paper called Who Gives a Crap! Far from being a bog-standard toilet paper company, this one gives half the proceeds to Wateraid, a charity which we have mentioned once or twice before. The social entrepreneurs behind the project have so far raised AU$ 50,000. Long-term goals include convincing Australian supermarkets to stock the product, and developing a Who Gives A Cr-app for mobile sales.

Taking a seat for sanitation

So far so good. But what of the ecological properties of the product itself? It is advertised as being recycled, and has been described as "environmentally sustainable". But, trawl as we might, we can find no information regarding chemicals and carbon dioxide emissions related to production - the squelching bog that is Google offers not even a whiff of information! We think Who Gives a Crap should get their shit together and publish some information on their eco credentials.

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  1. Interesting. I haven't thought about this before. What are the chemicals and carbon dioxide emissions of other products that are available?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      The EU eco label criteria for tissue production are published at
      and the Green Swan ones at http://www.nordic-ecolabel.org/portals/paper/criteria-for-nordic-ecolabel/nordic-ecolabelling-criteria-for-tissue-paper/

      Kind regards,

      Privy Counsellor


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