Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Barrage of Sophistication. And a KITTEN.

We're feeling rather sophisticated this morning - we just received a tutorial on how to make Arabic coffee, and what's more, our man in Cardiff sent us this elegant and artistic picture.

New bar in Cardiff. Hopbunker. Fucking amazing toilets.

Beer barrels made into urinals? We couldn't agree more!

(In case you yearn for witty and sophisticated conversation, that wonderful thing sometimes called the feast of reason and the flow of soul, we may as well tell you that we responded with the words, "That's fucking amazing", to which Welsh Gangster Friend replied, in turn, "I KNOW". What can we say? This is an intellectual bog blog, and that's the level our everyday conversation is at.)

To continue today's theme, here is another sophisticated picture, which we received from Jonny the other day. That young idiot savant says,

You've got competition. 

Nothing brings a community together like the fight to save a toilet.

On further enquiry, we learn that this placard is placed in Sherburn in Elmet, a village whose inhabitants are reportedly "pretty passionate about toilets".

Finally, a greeting from Uncle Sean, who writes:
Let me introduce you to our new kitten, Savoya, who shares your keen interest in loos as demonstrated in this photo

How was this photo even taken? The mind boggles!

We rather reckon we've had enough of wit and sophistication for this morning, and intend to go back to wallowing in filth and depravity for the rest of the day. But first, a festive video.

This, dear friends, is for all the women who've had enough. (No reflection on Welsh Gangster Friend, Jonny, or Uncle Sean, who are all excellent specimens of the male sex. We believe Jonny is still single, by the way. Incredible, we know. Ladies of Leeds, what are you DOING?)

Festive video - Pistol Annies, Trailer for Rent

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