Saturday, 20 November 2010

Icelandic Toilets: An Intellectual Update

An intellectual friend of ours recently went to Iceland for a conference, and kindly recorded these images of Icelandic toilets for posterity.  It is a great pleasure to present them to you, with a full analysis.

A Reykjavik guesthouse loo
 This looks like a stylish and hygienic bathroom. Note the easy-flush button and festive decorative fish.

A mixer tap, a selection of fluffy towels, and what looks like either back-up soap, antibacterial gel or hand lotion.

A furry toilet cover! Unhygienic, but oh! so festive! Again, note the easy-flush button. The towel hangs perilously close to the toilet - Hygeia says no!

What can one say, except "WOW"! Our intellectual friend's comment: "Note the subtle '80s touch in my guesthouse's loo: sit under a disco ball AND while away the time by playing Donkey Kong on a Game & Watch!!"

Either we got drunker than we thought last night (Icelandic aquavit packs one hell of a punch!), or there are two toilets here. Maybe sociable toilet-going is on the rise! Again, note the easy-flush button, the pleasant mixer tap, and the soap-antibac gel combination.

Quite a guesthouse! Anyone planning a trip to Reykjavik who would like the details of this toilet-enhanced guesthouse is welcome to e-mail us at

1 comment:

  1. Intellectual Friend21 November, 2010

    OOOH seeing this is making me so nostalgic now! I dream of returning there and especially hanging out in those blessed bathrooms for HOURS!

    I think there might be an element of truth in your sociable toilet-going hypothesis. I now vaguely remember lifting the lid of that white thing one night, and imagining it might be an actual toilet (or upper-class pissoir?) designed to accommodate tall and/or lean Icelanders - unless it be some weird baby wash contraption? Then I also recalled I might be drunker than I thought and therefore refrained from probing the matter any deeper. Further investigation needed!


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