Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Polish Plumbing: Pierogarnia Stary Toruń

Our groundbreaking research into Eastern European (well, Polish, anyway) toilets continues! Today we take a look at the toilets in an establishment called Pierogarnia Stary Toruń. Intellectual Friend says:

Apart from serving an impressive range of pierogi dishes (those traditional dough dumplings stuffed with pretty much anything one can dream of), best of which are those stuffed with mountain ewe cheese, oven baked and served with cranberry sauce (by an alluring Polish beauty of course), and sporting interesting wooden furniture and decoration among which barrels and buckets are prominent, this surprisingly pleasant establishment also boasts a legendary bog!

We take our hats off to Intellectual Friend for his daring and dedication in taking these pictures. 

 Firstly, we've got the toilet itself - note the cleanness, the covered bin and the water-saver flush! Hygeia isn't sure about wooden toilet seats, but we bet it's kept extremely clean, and that germs are discouraged from breeding in between the cracks and ridges of the wood. She's also generally prone to excessive frowning and tutting when she sees toilet rolls lying loose, but these ones appear to be fairly guarded from any germs being spread around with the water spray generated when flushing.

Yes, it's possible to worry
about absolutely everything
Intellectual Friend: However you rotate this
picture it's still patent that I had to climb up the wall
to take it (and get the feet marks and all).
You do have to be a long-legged giant
to reach those footprints while seated by the way.

We like this attractive frosting pattern on the window. Functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time!

Intellectual Friend: The book's title translates as "The Little Mole and the Little Hares' Mum" (you'll of course have noticed the Indo-European diminutive ending "-k-"!)
The Privy Counsellor: Naturally. "There's the Indo-European diminutive ending '-k-'", we said to ourselves.

A mangle. We're assuming its purpose is to be decorative and interesting, and hope it fills no more sinister function.

Intellectual Friend: Although it says "Chevalier Brand", below it also does say "DRAGON BRAND CLOTHES WRINGERS - BEST IN THE WORLD - Warranted 5 years for family use"!

The very rustic sink is equipped with a mixer tap and a presumably well-filled soap dispenser.

Intellectual Friend: Note there's a hook (not necessarily sturdy though) on the toilet door
This attractive birdhouse apparently houses an air-dryer. Hygeia shudders, and not just because of the unhygienic aspects.


Pierogarnia Stary Toruń (“Old Torun Dumpling Factory”)
Most Pauliński 2
Toruń, Poland
+48 56 621 10 46

Intellectual Friend: Open daily from 11.03 to 22.56 sharp!


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