Monday, 2 May 2011

Kennedy's: Cleanliness, Scottishness and rejoicing all around.

 We ventured to an excellent little place called Kennedy's for some quite, quite delicious coffee. The weather was fine, the waiter was Scottish, and everyone was in a good mood. And lo and behold, the toilets were bloody marvellous!

Mixer taps with delicious soap AND hand lotion!
A hygienic and environmentally friendly Airblade dryer!

A radiator! Imagine how warm and cosy and uncharacteristically non-freezing (for Britain) this toilet will be in winter!

A pleasant, clean toilet. Bin perhaps a little close, but not unpleasantly so. Flush not water-saving, but easy to use, with no awkward lever-pulling involved.

Hygienically covered, plain white bog roll!

 We were pleasantly surprised by these excellent, excellent toilets, and award them a whopping 11 points!
Encouraged by this little gem of a café and its marvellous toilets, we have decided to award a hygienic dryer, which we have always made concessions for, the same number of points as a revolving towel, that is, one, from now on.

Kennedy's Bar and Restaurant
1 Little Stonegate, York, YO1 8AX
01904 620 222

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