Thursday, 2 February 2012

Italian Toilets: Mi Piace Servizi Igienici

 We mentioned recently that we suffered a sports-related injury a little while ago. This, in fact, happened while skiing. The fact that we were skiing in Italy would be entirely coincidental if it weren't for the toilets. We were delighted to find, before accidentally brutally tearing two ligaments to shreds, that the toilets by the skilifts in Italy had oriental-style bogs! (The toilets on the Swiss side of the mountains, as an aside, didn't.) We found this too exciting a phenomenon to pass by, and enthusiastically photographed the WCs, as the Italians like to call them, for your edification and delight!

We'd like to add, as a footnote, that the allaturca or squat toilet (gabinetto alla turca in Italian), with its slippery ridged footpads, is quite tricky to use when wearing ski boots. When wearing ski boots and in possession of two knee ligaments which have been accidentally brutally torn to shreds, it is pretty damn near impossible. But rest assured that your favourite Privy Counsellor is a stubborn bastard, and actually managed this feat, despite the ligaments!

First things first: A mixer tap! Unlike their Indian equivalents,
Italian squat toilets are always provided with functioning handwashing arrangements

An exemplary coat-hook. Bravo!

The pièce de résistance: The toilet...

...which is lucikily provided with a sturdy bar for those of uncertain balance,
as well as a hygienically covered loo roll holder

Another difference from their Indian cousins: the Italian allaturca toilets come with a flush!
 We are delighted to inform you that even these very rudimentary toilets get all of eight points! We seem to remember that most of the toilet doors in Italy opened outwards, thus enabling one to leave without touching the door handle, and the soap generally smelled very nice!

Hurrah for Italian toilets! And viva Italia!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Italian toilets - coming soon!

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