Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tømmermænd at Café Jorden, or, Sleepless in Aarhus, or, Fear and Loathing in Jutland

Since we happened to mention old-fashioned French taps the other day, we thought we might follow up with more of the same. We spent an entertaining weekend in the charming Danish town of Aarhus recently, with various mad-as-spanners academics of our acquaintance (among others, Danish Friend, Intellectual Friend, Norwegian Friend, Quasi-Intellectual Friend, and Semi-Intellectual Friend). In all honesty, we were hungover most of the time, and completely failed to do or see anything noteworthy. But it was worth the tømmermænd: in our opinion there is nothing more amusing than watching academics get drunk and sexually harass each other!
Be that as it may, we spent a fair part of Saturday afternoon at a place called Café Jorden, consuming beer and nachos at a leisurely pace, in order not to upset our aggrieved stomach lining more than necessary. Café Jorden is situated in a most picturesque location on Badstuegade, and offers beer, nachos, and perfectly decent toilets.

We happened not to throw up in this particular toilet,
but it was clean enough to indulge, should the urge come upon one

Unfortunately only cold water is available, but we were too hungover to care, and anyway,
this tap is decorative enough for the sin to be forgiven

We thought this was rather lovely, in a fin-de-siècle France kind of way

Café Jorden exterior, complete with rude statue of Apollo or similar. Image from Aarhus Guide.

We're not bothering with points anymore. Instead, for those requiring intellectual stimulus, we highly recommend the kamelåså video for an accurate and up-to-date description of the Danish language.

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Café Jorden
Badstuegade 3
Midtjylland 8000
No website; check it out on Google Plus

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