Friday, 19 October 2012

Pure of Heart and Hand: Lund Cathedral

At the Privy Counsel, we tend to stick to plumbing-related activities, but there are roughly six billion people out there with other interests. For instance there are people who fight for their right to an education, and people who like jumping from space. This picture, comprising a summing-up of the two spheres of interest mentioned, has turned up in all kinds of contexts this week. We're hereby adding one more context.

Ricky Gervais on Twitter. Image from Tumblr.

Personally we usually favour science over religion - it seems to be more efficient when it comes to hygiene (although ritual hygiene, too, has its uses) - but we will acknowledge that it's not unknown for religious people to try to be helpful. Like the friendly souls at Lund Cathedral in Sweden, for instance. They reassure the potential visitor by pointing out, on their website, that there are public toilets available for the needy, near the cathedral.
"Lund Cathedral lies right in the centre of Lund. There is thus easy access to vehicle (bus) parking, cafés and public toilets. [...] Public toilets are available near the bus stop on the main road just north of the Cathedral main entrance."
 Ah. The weather may be chilly, but that warmed a gnarled old toilet blogger right to the heart! So come, all ye faithful - at Lund Cathedral, you can exercise religious purification and wash your hands!

Lund Cathedral. Image from Lundsdomkyrka.

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