Saturday, 8 December 2012

OCD Voyeurism

According to Mary Douglas, who is something of an authority, Christmas- and spring-cleaning rituals don't actually contribute to hygiene, but are yet rampant in most cultures. Australian Friend just had a cleaning orgy, and, once she told us she'd "stacked the towels in colour gradients", we just had to ask for pictures. Behold, a titillating voyeuristic OCD journey!

"I even stacked the towels in colour gradients"

Australian Friend's toilet. We love the tiles and the flowers!
The shower
A petite basin!

"The bath popped out when the pipe burst during a storm"

"Close-up of rubber duckie"

"A seaside-inspired display"

"Detail of my basket display, à la Vogue Interiors".
We note with joy the helpful electricity sockets, infamously absent in British bathrooms.


"Cupboard detail. Note impeccable organisation"
And that concludes our OCD tour of Australian Friend's bathroom!

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