Friday, 7 December 2012

Amelioration, Constipation, Communication

Do you sometimes get that tired, oppressed feeling caused by newspapers jabbering on about how one should always be learning new skills in order to stay attractive on the job market? We do, frequently, and frankly, we happen to think we're quite attractive enough, and if toilet blogging isn't an awesome accomplishment then we don't know what is. Be that as it may, however - here's an opportunity, if you happen to be feeling full of zest and zinginess as opposed to world-weariness and apathy, to learn a new skill! Tudor Friend sent us a link to a very useful website telling you how to give your friends and loved ones useful advice - in Italian - without saying a single syllable! If nothing else, we can see this becoming an awesome party trick!

Using actual words is entirely optional

Why does this guy look so familiar?
Images from Awfullibrarybooks

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