Monday, 7 January 2013

More Uzbek Toilets

The saga of the Uzbek toilets continues! We'd love to pretend that we've learned some polite Uzbek phrases to mark the occasion, but frankly we've been too busy promoting gender equality, making new friends, and generally running a toilet blog. We're only human, after all! (And sometimes barely that.) However, here are some delightful pictures from the ever helpful German Friend!

German friend says: "We love the multifunctionality. Not in the picture: families Cock and Roach."

Multifunctionality indeed. How lucky that the toilet-roll holder covers the bog roll,
or it would get very wet when one had a shower!

Look! An Uzbek mixer tap! How utterly thrilling!
(Eat shit, Britain!)
 Oooh, that was most enjoyable! We wouldn't want to angry up the blood with too much exciting news, but the fact remains that there is more where that came from! Hurrah for German Friend! Stay tuned!

We should perhaps mention as a general postscript that, although there was initially some confusion at Privy Counsel HQ about how to adjectivise (apologies to Australian Friend for recklessly verbifying a noun) Uzbekistan, we have finally gathered that the correct adjective, meaning "relating to Uzbekistan, the Uzbeks, or their language" is "Uzbek"; both Oxford Dictionaries and the website of the Uzbek embassy in the U.S.A.  appear to agree on this. So you can all stop wondering and go back to whatever plebeian pursuits you normally busy yourselves with when not pondering linguistic matters.

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