Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pushing for Cultural Diversity

We have many mottoes keeping us afloat here at the Privy Counsel, the most important one being WWCD (What Would Chopper Do). However, another one goes, "If you're not worried, you probably should be". Our recent Privy Counsel Pin-Up-related gender equality campaign got us thinking, and we suddenly realised that almost all our Toilet Songs are by white males! While we have nothing against white males per se, they're hardly representative of the world at large. Luckily, Australian Friend thought of some fiendishly clever, if regrettably imaginary, culturally diverse toilet songs!

Here's the list. Enjoy!


Toilet Paper Planes

Shit Me Baby, One More Time


All That She Wants Is Another Toilet 

Pee Found Love

Bohemian Crapsody 

She Loves Poo (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

Can't Get You Outta My Bum

Put Your Hand on the Bog Roll and Tell Me 

I Wanna Know What Crap Is
I've Got a Lot of Crap To Give

Ring of Fire

Poo Boy
Salt'n'Pepa: Ambiguous lyrics
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