Tuesday, 7 May 2013

An Unbearably Exciting Outing

Due to our ever increasing eccentricity and incoherence, we've been stalking our friends at their places of work. Yes, we're that creepy. But, as we all know, the rewards of mindboggling creepiness are immense! We found these waycool retro Swedish toilets! We're not exactly sure where this is (one of the effects of increasing eccentricity and incoherence is the inability to remember where one is), but it's probably at some faculty of engineering or other. If it helps, you get the lift at the end of the corridor. The other one doesn't work. Wherever this place is , our excursion there was unbearably exciting! Check out all these old-school doors, taps and coat-hooks!

We do enjoy clear signage.

Phwoarrr, check out this old-school door handle!

Well, spank us with a rose-scented flannel
- one gets two different soaps to choose from!

A cantankerous old toilet blogger's heart skips a beat
at the sight of such a lovely toilet-roll holder
and such a lovely retro tap! Retro MIXER TAP, we hasten to point out!

The epitome of bog standard!

More straightforward signage, helpfully bilingual.
(The "not" underlined for extra clarity, we note with approval.)

A perfectly adequate coat-hook!

We're happy to note that the weather has improved somewhat
since we took these pictures.

We just had to sneak next door and snap
another exciting sink in the same place!

This retro door had us all a-flutter!

Well, wasn't that refreshing? Now, if you'll excuse us we have some more sneaking around and mindboggling creepiness to attend to.

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