Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fun with Crayons, or, Sleepy in Seattle

Well, that's the summer solstice over and done with, and what with the increasing levels of sobriety and consciousness, we have come to realise that we're way overdue for a blog update! The Privy Counsel archive is, as ever, overflowing with a rich and nutritious mush of toilets we have visited, but we thought we'd show you something a bit more cultural and intellectual today. Let's revisit Seattle! Bogsley Hansson Friend sent us these festive pictures from, if we got it right, the Elliot Bay Bookstore! Apparently the people at this book shop are creative, festive types, for they have supplied their toilet with chalk in all manner of fun colours! Does it remind us of anything? Yes, of course it does! It reminds us of the bogs at the village inn in Österslöv!

Van Gogh-esque chair with crayons:
if ever we saw an instigation to artistic activity, this was it!

Hygeia has doubts. Grave doubts.

This window, which can be viewed in one of the toilets at the Nordic Heritage Museum
in Seattle, reminds us of the Red Lion pub in York!

Do you feel refreshed and artistically stimulated? Or just dog tired and hungover? We don't blame you.

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