Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Shetland Shithouses Are Here!

We had church bells ringing outside our window this morning, and well they might - we're finally rolling out the long-awaited Shetland Shithouses!
Danish Friend went to a conference in the Shetlands where, apparently, toilets keep a super-excellent standard. Danish Friend passed photos of said super-excellent toilets on to Intellectual Friend, who kindly forwarded them to us, post-haste. (Did we mention that Danish Friend and Intellectual Friend got married recently? Just wait till we bring out the photos of the toilets at that wedding!)

Since Danish Friend expresses herself with admirable flair and lucidity, let's have her words in pure and unadulterated form, shall we?
So, Shetland toilets, in sum, a very pleasant experience (except perhaps the example found at the North Atlantic Fisheries College - no pics from there).

First encounter was the toilets at the Mareel, the main venue for the Viking Congress that hosted the famous fiddle frenzy festival at the same time! They were nice and clean and one might wonder whether the Scandinavian presence on Shetland has also influenced toilets and the general standard of hygiene.

The most interesting features of the Mareel toilets were, however, found outside the booths. A great view! And mixer taps!

And another one! One can never get enough of a good view when washing one's hands.

Large heaters. Probably useful during the long, wet and cold winters.

And finally, a sink for children? The disabled? Dwarves? Picts? It doesn't really matter, the consideration itself is enough!

May we jovially suggest that the tiny sink might be for the Shetland ponies?

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