Saturday, 1 March 2014

Blurry, Lop-Sided Archive Musings

Since writing the below, we've sobered up, got drunk again and engaged in what we're pretty sure qualifies as line-dancing. You only live once.

Egad, corblimey and plain out zounds! what a week it's been! We've been working semi-productively on an etymological mystery with Intellectual Friend, heard some good news from Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend, and generally experienced a reasonable amount of thrilling tidings, semi-unbridled festiveness and joie de vivre!  (And only part of that joie de vivre is beer-induced.)
Another thing that's been adding fizziness to the Privy Counsel atmosphere is burrowing into the archives at Arkivcentrum Syd. This festive archive, filled literally to the rafters with exciting material and friendly staff, isn't far from our favourite university library, the Lund University Library - one of the toilets of which we have privately dedicated to Intellectual Friend, in homage to his giant intellect! (A truly dazzling intellect deserves its own honorary toilet, surely?)
Also, we are simply bursting with delight to tell you, the toilets at Arkivcentrum Syd are excellent. No relative, maybe, hmm-let's-think-about-it caution here - these toilets are truly spiffing!

We regret that modern technology has, once again, thrown a spanner
into the works. If you find this sideways toilet perspective enjoyable,
see Gleeful Antics at Grays Court.

Check this out! Mixer tap, cleanliness and gleaming hygiene as far as the eye can see!

We fucking love these doorhandles.
They're easy to use, and you can operate them with your elbow, meaning
you don't have to recontaminate your hands by touching the doorhandle
after painstakingly washing your hands.
If you enjoy opening doors with your elbow, see our OCD label.

Isn't that lovely!

If you enjoy paper towels, see our post called AAAAAAARGH!

Here's the sink again. Christ, it's lovely.

This painting, displayed in the Arkvicentrum cloakroom,
is by a chap called Peter Lundström. It's entitled Orpheus Street.
(N.b. the painting is also sideways, due to technical errors.)

Another painting (also show here sideways), by the same artist, is called Mossbury Road.
We find the in-your-face boldness of the non-integrated tap refreshing!

We hope you enjoyed that glimpse of scholarly toilets! Speaking of which, Intellectual Friend sent us a line after we published his oh-so-intellectual justification for ill-advisedly using the word cute:

"What a pleasure to get published, almost instantly, and without even being asked to make corrections to over-rambling sentences and lack of supporting references, and all this in a cutting-edge, no doubt world-leading bog blog, where, on top of everything else, one even gets a brilliant editorial foreword, afterword, and epilogue to one's ramblings! "
Anyone for a festive video to finish off all this gusto, brio and joie de vivre? Because we shook our boots to the un-feminist version of this song on the dancefloor last night, we have a strong urge to play the feminist version, in order to restore the balance of the universe. The lyrics seem strangely appropriate: 

We are scholastic
Smart and sarcastic 
Not fucking plastic

"Law Revue Girls want to define those supposedly 'blurred lines'."

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