Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rumours, a Teaser, and More Epistolary Action (With Useful Facts about Everyone's Favourite Toilet Country)

There have been rumours. The usual whispers of a nameless fear growing in the East, of course, but apart from that, also rumours of a really good and colourful toilet on Jutland. We've sat on this picture from Danish Friend's Danish Dad  for some time now, having titillatingly hinted at the existence of it once or twice but not actually having had the grace to dish up the goods till now.

Anyhow, here's how exciting things get when we hear rumours of toilets of which nobody's actually taken a photo, but which Danish people are deeply committed to finding on the internet. Intellectual Friend says:
And also this teaser, a pre-glimpse of that artistically painted men's toilet which Danish Friend's Danish Dad knows about. It's apparently the only photo findable online, so it cries out for a photographic mission up there by some Privy Counsel representative, or accredited special envoy, to be organised in the near future!
The toilet that Danish Friend's Danish Dad mentioned.
Image from
Having always argued that Denmark is everyone's favourite toilet country, we're delighted to be able to show you this gem of a picture!

We've been having a semi-literary conversation with Semi-Intellectual Friend (read his latest semi-intellectual contribution here!) lately, about our friends' contributions to everyone's favourite toilet blog. We went remarkably soppy at one point and blurted out, in a torrent of commas, that:
We find it thrilling that our friends are so intelligent and write such eloquent, witty, and, damn it, what's the word? voluble, or even grandiloquent, maybe, emails about, of all things, toilets, just to humour us.
Semi-Intellectual Friend promptly replied that:
I'm not sure why so many people are so willing to give up their free time just to message you - sometimes it can take aaaaages to write emails to you (I wrote a whole lot of other rubbish even just in this one, but deleted it as it fell well below the required standard).
Semi-Intellectual Friend also seems to believe that we at the Privy Counsel enjoy some sort of special divine grace due to being honoured with toilet (and, we hasten to add, other) communications from Intellectual Friend, everyone's favourite mythical being (read about Intellectual Friend's mythical status here). On being asked why he doesn't just ask Intellectual Friend how he is himself, rather than incessantly seeking this information from us, Semi-Intellectual Friend replied:
As if I could just go and email [Intellectual Friend]. Are you mental? I need to ritually bathe myself, clad myself in the finest druidic underwear and face the Northeast just to think such a thought.
Anyway. All this is by the by. Sallingslund Færgekro. Go and visit it! Enjoy the toilets.

We've got some more pictures for you to enjoy:

Danish people - aren't they delightful!
Image from

"Vaj nu, Dannebrog, på voven" - possibly our favourite song!
Image from

We simply CANNOT GET ENOUGH of Danish people!
Image from

Danes: so goddamn adorable!
Image from

Wouldn't be a proper blog post without a festive video, would it?

We imagine this might be useful to Obsessive Emmerdale Fan Friend, who is committed to learning to speak Swedish with an Indian accent.

Sallingslund Færgekro
Sallingsundvej 104, Sallingsund
7900 Nykøbing Mors

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