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Pressing All the Right Buttons: A Privy Counsel Friend Travels to Japan!

We once famously expressed a wish to receive funding for a research trip to Japan (this, it has been suggested (probably by Tudor Friend), could be combined with unrestrained sake consumption, for an enhanced experience). Another time, we exhorted our readers to come with us on a pilgrimage to the country of famed and weird toilets.

As it happens, we are stuck at Privy Counsel HQ with a cold, experiencing dreary weather, and being ignored by the Danish police, who don't, apparently, give a flying fuck about whether passengers get sexually harassed by staff at Copenhagen Airport. However - before we get sucked into the gloom, let us insert a massive


A friend, who we may tentatively refer to as Dragon-Hunting Friend, has sent us pictures from Japan! This cheerful and intelligent friend writes:

I'm in the land of the weird and wonderful toilets!

Remember that time when we indulged in dreamy fantasies of breezy Alpine bogs? Dragon-Hunter Friend had sent us, on that occasion, a link to a site providing pictures of toilets in the Swiss Alps. It was fucking amazing.


Did this ever cheer us up? Woof!

Yes. The buttons say "front" and "rear".
So many buttons!
And sound effects too

It's anyone's guess what the last icon is supposed to represent.

The toilet in my hotel room has a heated seat
Quite strange the first time you try it
But rather nice
Less strange than the bidet button (which nearly made me giggle out loud at the airport toilets; I just had to see what it did! ;) )
Love the retro yellow '^^

Remember that time when we went to watch the rugby in a pub and Wales won, or lost,
or disappeared in an earthquake, or similar, and there was a yellow sink?

Do you feel spiritually revived? We certainly do! We are grateful to Dragon-Hunter Friend for these stupendously festive pictures!

We ought to have a festive video as well, of course, although today's festive video is not actually festive.

There are, when you think about it, an extraordinary number of songs about domestic violence. (Here are just a few.) This would indicate that the issue is a common one. As a society, it behoves us to do more to prevent domestic violence than, for instance, quoting bullshit statistics from so-called men's rights activists. Get, for a start, some hard-hitting statistics from the UN here: Facts and Figures: Ending Violence Against Women.

Let us repeat, also, some statistics from our last blog post:

In Britain, two women die from domestic violence every week. Imagine the outrage if it were two lawyers who were killed every week by violence directed specifically against them, or two postmen, or two office workers.

In Australia, domestic violence is the leading cause of death and injury in women under 45, with more than one woman murdered by her current or former partner every week. A woman dies every three weeks from domestic violence in Sweden.

Yes. It is grim reading.

Here is the video - a classic from 1994, by Swedish folk-metal-fusion band Dia Psalma (with special greetings to Fictional FriendTudor Friend, and Australian Friend). The lyrics narrate the story of a man pleading with a woman called Emilie to leave her abusive partner, "before it is too late".

Video - Dia Psalma, Emelie

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