Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Goji in Goodramgate - Come for the Tea, Stay for the Toilets

We were tremendously excited to discover that our favourite café has got new toilets! This gem of an establishment, staffed entirely by friendly, soulful people, serves delicious vegetarian food (the Goji hotdog, served "with everything", is to die for!) and supplies its clientèle with delightful toilets.
On our recent visit, we discovered that the toilets have moved to the very top floor. They are extremely clean and fresh. 

Hurrah! A lovely, lovely toilet!
The flush is of the traditional, clumsy horizontal lever design, but nonetheless not too hard to push, even for the disabled and enfeebled. The toilet roll is plain white, but unfortunately not hygienically encased in a holder, and the spare roll also lies loose on top of the toilet (Hygeia says no!). The bin, however, is covered and at a comfortable distance from the user. The coat hook is excellent, but possibly placed a bit high for shorter toilet-goers.

Probably our second favourite soap in the whole world!
(You can get it at Oxfam Goodramgate)
Not too bad!
The hot water tap is an electrical horror, but, being new, works surprisingly well (though water is wasted due to a leak), supplying fairly warm water. The soap is excellent; organic, and with the fragrance of real lavender.

We lifted the bin lid with our feet
The paper towel holder is made by the near-ubiquitous Swedish company Tork, which indicates that the paper towels, if supplied by the same company, should be made from recycled fibres and/or sustainably sourced. There is a separate bin for paper towels, however the lid opens the wrong way. This makes it impossible to lift without touching, unless resorting to acrobatics.

36 Goodramgate,
York, North Yorkshire
Tel: 01904 622614

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