Thursday, 23 December 2010

Leaky Pipes - A Tale of Cold Weather and Incontinence

Are you sitting down? Good. We have some disturbing images for you today. Not strictly toilet-related, but don't worry - we haven't slipped into the comforting bath of senility just yet - it's about plumbing. 

We've been back to the Average British Workplace where, thanks to the bracing weather we've had, a pipe had burst! As we're all aware, British pipes are drawn on the outside of the wall in the bracing air, to stop them growing up spoilt. This means that they're extremely likely to freeze in bracing weather. But on the other hand, they're so much easier to fix when they do freeze! The British plumber likes to keep things uncomplicated! Be that as it may, here's what happened at the Average British Workplace when a pipe burst, flooding the basement floor.

Diligently mopping the floor.
(It only took about three hours to sort out!)

Shelves were harmed
during the production of this photo

An attempt to remedy the problem using silica gel bags was only partially successful;
however, they made an amusing crackling noise that kept us entertained for a good 30 seconds
The British Plumber says yes!
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