Friday, 10 June 2011

Intellectual Friend: The Second Best Toilet in Iceland

 We are excited today to offer our readers a look at what, according to Intellectual Friend, is the second best toilet in Iceland! It is to be found in the basement of the café Bláa Kannan, in Akureyri. We are so delighted by this that we are going to show you all the photos, including one of a delicious-looking dessert that Intellectual Friend was lucky enough to have, even though it's not strictly within our subject area.

Bláa Kannan - looks like Pippi Longstocking's house!

Clean and cosy - we love Scandinavian interiors!

Bláa Kannan serves "amazing and generous coffee and chocolate cakes". Indeed!

"The toilets are in the basement, down a few steps by a mysterious black seeping/weeping rock (helpfully labelled 'bjarg' on the little grid), its seeping perhaps serving to confirm and intensify one's natural urge in case of a last-minute hesitation"

"This opens on a waiting/strolling area sporting a long, pleasantly wooden bench, another stone..."

"...and more privacy in waiting or meditating/concentrating on the job to be done here as a consequence of the house's amazing and generous coffee and chocolate cakes"

"There also is a hidden alcove, with a bench skulking in the corner, an impressive piece of pipework, and a dreary door to damnation."
Mixer taps! O, blessed mixer taps! And a tissue dispenser!

"The toilets proper are quite uneventful in comparison, though the wooden framing, more jumbo pipes (note the runic-style graffiti) and general cleanliness add a cheerful note."

Perfectly pleasant and hygienic

Ventilation! God, we love Scandinavian interiors! Oh yes, we do!

If you thought this was good, wait till we show you the BEST toilet in Iceland!

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 Bláa Kannan
Hafnarstræti 96
600 Akureyri
Sími: 461 4600

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