Thursday, 19 January 2012

How a Green Fairy Soap May Alleviate the Pain Caused by a Black-and-Blue Knee

A sports-related accident which has put one or possibly two (or perhaps more - nobody seems sure!) ligaments in one of our knees out of action has regrettably prevented us from blogging for a little while. (Actually, the injury has no impact on our ability to edify and amuse our loyal readers at all, but we're sure you agree that blaming a dramatic and crippling fall sounds ever so much more glamorous than "We've been busy at work".)
However, a very dear friend sent us this fantastic absinthe soap! How can one fail to recover with the Green Fairy hovering over one's bath?!

We can't wait to get a good scrub from the Green Fairy!

"Absinthe-scented" - oooh, heady, heady scent!
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