Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jack White on British Plumbing: Unsubstantiated Claims

Being academically trained to the point where we are completely useless to society; over-educated, over-qualified and utterly, utterly unemployable, we like to back up any claims we make and quote references at every opportunity. However, we had a thrilling text message the other day, from Semi-Intellectual Friend. It was regarding Jack White (who we quite like simply by virtue of him laughing very nicely at the end of Loretta Lynn's song Mrs Leroy Brown) of the White Stripes, and said:

You've probably heard this before on the plumbing grapevine (I guess that's a 5/8 inlet pipe?) but, shockingly, Jack White doesn't like British plumbing. Apparently the hot water isn't hot enough. He also has a separate air-conditioning issue.

We threw ourselves at Google, in an attempt to back up this interesting claim. It turned out to be the most fruitless Google search since an elderly lady in Blackpool tried to find evidence of Elvis being alive, and died of heart failure due to the exertion. Further enquiries, however, revealed that our titillating piece of unsubstantiated news stems from a BBC radio programme. Anyone who has time and energy to spare may listen to this no doubt high-quality programme here:

Usually one gets very interesting results from googling the formula "Celebrity Name +toilet", but it would appear that Jack White has, for unknown reasons, not yet let himself be photographed in close proximity to a crapper. He's probably just waiting for the right moment. Here is a nice picture, though, of Jack White and Loretta Lynn.

Image from this blog: reference.

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