Friday, 1 March 2013

A Roman Moment

Let's have a Roman moment! In view of the Machiavellian weather this winter, and the widespread plumbing misery in the world, we've been thinking that there should really be more Roman plumbing. More awesome aqueducts! More slaves chopping enormous quantities of firewood to heat hot water for the bombastic baths! More of everything! More, more, more! Imagine our delight when we were alerted to the fact that the remains of a Roman bath have been found in London recently!

What a lovely sight! Image from London SE1.
"Although it's a very small pit and we haven't looked at the details fully yet, it has certainly given us an insight into the eastern edge of the Roman settlement that has really been quite a blank for us up until now," says the Network Rail Archaeology manager Chris Place, according to London SE1.
The article continues, "The works at London Bridge, when taken together with the findings of excavations along the route of the Borough Viaduct – where a Roman bath house was discovered – and on neighbouring sites such as The Place, are helping to build up a much clearer picture of Roman Southwark.
'There appears to have been some very substantial – almost opulent – Roman buildings,' said Chris [sic]. 'We are starting to get a feel for that part of the settlement.'"
Before we go on with  more archaeological news, let's have a brief intermission. How about a lovely informative video?

Intermission over. Another article from London SE1 informs us that,
"'In Roman times the main settlement was on the north bank of the river Thames and was connected to the settlement at Southwark by the first London Bridge. Much archaeological work has been done in Southwark over the years, but we were still surprised to discover ruin[s] of this nature and size' [says Chris Place].
Network Rail and Southwark Council are exploring ways of preserving the remains beneath the new building to be constructed on the site. Where appropriate, key finds will be deposited with the Museum of London where they will be available for study by the public."

On the tiles! In the bath! Image from London SE1.
 Probably all regular readers know in what high esteem Roman baths are held at Privy Counsel HQ, and can imagine our riotous joy at this news! Hurrah! Nunc est, as ever, lavandum!

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