Monday, 11 March 2013

Let's Talk about Graffiti

 We had the great pleasure of getting distressingly silly with a friend after having too much beer way too early in the day some time ago. The venue of our beer consumption and distressing silliness was Café Ariman, a stalwart hangout for students and other assorted rabble. Despite our inebriated state, we couldn't help but notice the graffiti on the door which, in a miraculous way, didn't overspill onto the walls. We decided this was in keeping with Swedish tradition. Let there by all means be graffiti - hey, it's both cool and decorative - but let it in no way overspill onto the walls, dear Lord no, that would look very untidy.

We regret that technical difficulties have once again created sideways pictures. If it helps, look at them while lying on the floor.

Sink with mixer tap and, as far as we can remember (i.e. we can't),
perfectly agreeable soap

Apparently graffiti on the hand-drier is ok.

Nothing objectionable here.

We believe this is the ceiling.
Note the laudable ventilation unit, cleverly disguised as a smiley with sunglasses.

Well, this was very inspiring. Let's have some more toilet graffiti, shall we?

The woes of trying a new form of expression. Image from Toiletscribble.

We couldn't agree more. Image from trombonegothgirl.

Thought-provoking. What do you think?
Leave a comment or email us if this inspires any kind of reflection.
Image from 3.bp.blogspot.
Café Ariman
Kungsgatan 2
223 50 Lund

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