Thursday, 28 March 2013

Taps, Wine and Elvis!

It's our pleasure to wish all our regular readers a Happy Easter and all that jazz! As you may have noticed, we've been not just busy, and not even just frantically busy, but flat-out fran-tic-ally busy, of late, leading to a rather sad and loathsome negligence of our blogging duties. But despair not, here's a piping hot dose of toilet madness to refresh, edify and amuse you! A joint effort this time: two dear friends of ours sent us pictures of the thigh-slapping, chortling-like-a-lunatic kind. The first one is from a very energetic person we have the pleasure of knowing. She says, considerately,
"Couldn't get everything in the picture but if that's not the toilet made for you and your blog! Put in an outlet for your laptop, you might as well move in."
 We couldn't agree more. 

Very Energetic Friend says: "That's at the house of my holistic
massage therapist.  (At mine, shelves would never stay this full.)"

It's even got a mixer tap! WHERE HAS THIS TOILET BEEN ALL OUR LIVES?

Meanwhile, Bad-Ass Shelf Enthusiast Friend kindly contributed this agreeable utopian vision.

Boy, does that ever have us salivating!
Although, as Tudor Friend points out, "This is a case where separate
taps might be good: one for red, one for white. I don't need constant rosé".

We don't even believe in Jebus, but considering that wine seems suddenly to be a bit of a theme, that Jebus liked wine, and that Easter is apparently a time for contemplating the life of that estimable gentleman, surely having some wine seems indicated? Which reminds us...

Here's what we're drinking in the toilet bloggers' ghetto at the moment.

And that, of course, takes us on another wild flight of association...

Happy Easter! Remember to stay regular.

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